The Process

First you take our FREE entrepreneurship training, a prerequisite to further advancement. Next you are eligible to enroll in our FREE Community or Global/Digital training course. The final step is entering into a collaborative relationship with us, or moving out on your own.

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Entrepreneurship Training

The first step to the NEW Entrepreneur is to take the digital online 24/7 FREE training that will not only help you learn more about becoming an entrepreneur but the NEW Entrepreneur.


The NEW Entrepreneur works in an organic way that includes, collaboration, interdependent, and autonomy.  These three important elements allow entrepreneurs in the community the ability to operate and grow, by collaborating with other community and global/digital entrepreneurs, helping to create more entrepreneurs and operating without interference.

Once you've completed this training you can choose to further your journey by selecting to be trained in a community business or our global/digital business.

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Training In A Community Business

Before we start, we want you to know that our Community business is several businesses that operate in the community by people living in that community.


We selected several businesses that you can operate.   We decided that it had to have all of the elements that subscribe to the NEW Entrepreneur, collaboration, interdependence, and autonomy.

So we went about the business of building several online operation infrastructures that will allow anyone in the community to become a Community Entrepreneur where you can operate your business from home, in the park, or anywhere.

One of these businesses is a client of ours who has the same vision we have.  We will be referring you to them.

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Training In A Global Digital Business

The digital world to most of us is not new.  As more and more countries like Africa, India, and the UK move more of their people into the digital space, we at IMPACTT Entrepreneurship goal is to move more and more of people in the communities to become Global/Digital Entrepreneurs.

We found that giving people in any community the option of getting involved in the global market can make a difference in their lives.

Implementing Your Business

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Once you've completed the Entrepreneurship, Community, or Global/Digital training, you now want to execute what you've learned to become a New entrepreneur, it's time to go into business.  I'm pretty sure that is why you are here.

Get as much training as you need to become more valuable to the marketplace.

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