About IMPACTT Digital Academy

IMPACTT Digital Academy started with the concept of actually empowering people in our communities, by providing FREE online entrepreneurship training.  But we didn't stop there.  We extended the training to include helping them become a Community Entrepreneur or Global/Digital Entrepreneur in specific areas and turning them into entrepreneurs.

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Mission & Vision

Our mission and vision is to train people in our communities in current and sought after skills that will allow them to flourish in specific areas of technology.   From there we help them start their business as either community or global/digital entrepreneurs, with potential to become both.

Extended Learning in Entrepreneurship, Websites, Graphics, Animated Videos, Social Media and Email Marketing

Our extended training in websites designs, graphic designs, animated video creations, social media marketing and email marketing will turn you into the kind of expert, that businesses all over the world would be willing to hire .

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